First blog post of the New Year. Yay!

yay 3

Anyway, before I begin, I do want to say, I was rather busy, and struggling for ideas when it came to the 12 Days of Top 5. Due to being busy with work and with family, I was unable to do my goal for last month’s 5 Year Anniversary of doing a post a day. However, that is not going to stop me this month. I do have several plans for posts, and I do plan on going through with some of the posts I would have liked to of done last month over the next few months, this is reviews, discussions, and whatnot. It probably will not be this month, since I have a fair bit planned.

So, before I talk about what is coming out this month I do want to talk about the future of the blog. I am making it my resolution for the blog this year to get at least one to two non-weekly review and update posts a month. So, it might be a series review, discussion, Top 5, maybe bringing back an old series of posts. I just want to get out of the rut I made myself the past two to three years of really just doing weekly reviews. Ever since I got continuous rejection from trying to get my book published, I been holding back a lot on my writing, I haven’t really let myself grow. I also blame the stress of not having a full-time job and putting that as a priority. So, now that I do have a full time job and my stress has been super low, I am now making my priority this year to treat writing serious again, try to get the creative juices flowing, and hopefully hop back on the horse that is publication. So, I want to write more here and really make the best of this blog this year.

And now, as for this month, well, I have plenty of weekly reviews. I haven’t been in the mood to watch Fate/Go’s anime for weekly reviews. So, I will be trying to double up until I am caught up. Previous series I am reviewing I will try to get them done over the next two months in two posts.

Seeing that the decade ended, last month I do want to make a short little series, also fitting in that one to two posts a month thing, having this month talk about my Anime of the Decade. Talking about shows that aired during the winter, spring, summer, and fall, before ultimately talking about the one of the Decade. I am not sure if I will make it a post each, or what. But either way I want to do that either weekly or bi-weekly for the next month or two. I might make it a Top 5, but I don’t know.

Either way, nothing else really planned. The 12 Days of Top 5s will finish in the next few days. I forgot to mention that.

I hope you had a wonderful time last month, and here is looking forward to the year to come.

– Joe