I had the idea to perhaps do this at some point for a Top Five. Since there are a lot of new anime each season it may be fitting to do this every now and again. By every now and again I mean maybe twice a year at most. So, these are all series that have been announced. Since I have yet to compile the list, shows that are sequels I will be talking about my thoughts on their previous season. If there are spoilers, it will be clear.

So before I begin, are there any anime that you are excited for? Or is there an ongoing manga you would like to see be animated that would work too. If it is rumored that is fine too.

Without further ado let’s get started.


Number 5: Brave Witches (Airdate October 2016)

So this I am not sure if it is a sequel or a spin-off. Unfortunately, there has not been a preview for it.  But it exists in the same universe as Strike Witches.  I do wish it was a continuation with the same cast and everything. But it is not.  So that is a downside. Either way I am uncertain how I feel about it. Maybe when there is a preview. But other than that I do hope for the best.

As for my thoughts for Strike Witches, I really did enjoy it. More than anything, since although the OVAs came out after the movie, the movie was last chronologically. It served more of a way to branch out and give the option that there will be and could be more with the characters. I really enjoyed that. Since the OVAs ended last year, and despite the film coming out 4 years ago. I do wish Brave Witches was in fact a third season with the same characters. Although I am not certain, I think some of the Brave Witch characters made appearances over the first two seasons of the anime. Hopefully some of the Strike Witches will appear just to give a proper shout out to its predecessor.


Number 4: Keijo!!!!!!!!!! (Airdate October 2016)

Well, the show was announced back in I would like to say March. I do have plans to review it, that is if it is licensed for streaming. If not well, I guess I won’t. I could see it easily being picked up though. Either way it is a comedy, sports, and sometimes ecchi series.  I will put the preview here. However, although the preview shows more of the ecchi and sports, the show does have tactics to it. So it could be interesting how they go about with this. Either way I will not say more than that.

Also I just watched the english version, which I have right here. It made me laugh more.

Number 3: UQ Holder (Airdate: Unknown)

I really like the manga. Although I stopped buying the series, and have not read it in almost a year. But I plan on catching up and continuing thanks to crunchyroll. Although now it looks like it may be purchase only since premium members can read it. I did read some, but not all of Negima. This would be higher on the list, but there is the fact I am behind on the manga. There is also the fact that people said it relies too much on Negima, which I really have not noticed.  Negima also did not get a proper adaptation too. So I am a bit worried. But unlike the previous ones, it is because I liked the manga for both series that makes this right in the middle.

The Article from Anime News Network can be found Here

UQ Holder is writen by Ken Amkamatsu and is licensed in North America by Kodansha Comics.

Number 2: Konosuba Season 2 (Airdate: January 2017)

So, those that follow my weekly reviews back in January, I reviewed Konosuba. I really liked it. Nice comedy fantasy series. Although I am really looking forward to it, it really stinks it will not be out until January. But that seems to be the biggest downside to it. Unlike the other previously mentioned series, this one is a direct sequel. So if you have not seen the first season, try to do it. It was only 10 episodes. So hopefully the second season will be more. They did only cover the first 2 light novels, so maybe this time they will cover more. The series was surprisingly popular so hopefully it will be 2 cour, but I doubt that. It would be nice since it could cover more.

konosuba ep 10 9

Number 1: Fate/Extra Last Encore (Airdate 2017)

So this I believe follows the game. I am not fully sure. I may be wrong. I know it does deal with the games. Either way this will be interesting. I mean unlike most works Ufotable is not behind this one. Not really sure who does Illya’s a Magical Girl without looking it up. But it will be nice to see the Shaft Head Tilt make its way into the Fate franchise. Either way I would be surprised if this was a single cour. Shaft has done some good anime in the past, so I am glad they are doing this. But it is only said to be next year. I hope for it to be January or April the latest. I do not think I could deal with it taking until the summer or even fall season next year.


Feel free to say your thoughts to my above question as well as if you have any ideas for a future Top Five. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe