So, for starters, episode 18 already aired. I mentioned in my monthly update I am going to be posting the episode reviews a week after the show airs. I have to say my enjoyment for shows increased a lot this way. At the time of writing that update I guess I did not really realize that. Also since the episode has been out for a week and people will probably have seen the latest episode, reviews will cover less on the plot and more on my overall thoughts and more review critical like than they used to. I will be posting this for my other two weekly reviews as well. I hope you all understand my choice and please feel free to send your thoughts on the episode and series as a whole.

Alright with that out-of-the-way, since I will be posting that maybe for one more review after this, not sure.  Anyway, I have to say, that forcing myself to hold back and wait a week to watch it was really worth it and is still very hard. Not only this episode being canon, but the following episode, and the next episode also will be. This is the longest run of canon for it, so I am really excited. The time jump may come even sooner. Personally if this show was just 2 cour, ending on the time skip would be for the best. But I am getting way ahead of myself. I will talk about that later. So, time to talk briefly about the plot.


The Plot:

Episode 16 ended with the young exorcists saving Mayura who came down with a bad case of Kagare Corruption. Of course the episode ended with Beino’s twin brother Yuto showing up, who has not been seen since ep 9.

Well, needless to say no one is pleased to see the twisted younger brother. He reveals he was behind all of this. This is because he wants Roku to grow stronger, and later says, that he acknowledges his potential.

Anyway Seigen is there, and is really not happy he has to clean up another one of his pupil’s messes. Thus he goes into a form and reveals the true power of the Twelve Heavenly Commanders. They do not only possess the name of the guardians, but their powers as well of their respective guardian.

Yuto now knows he should get serious and the fight begins. But if you were expecting an insane fight, nope. Yuto ends it quickly stating he is amazed how much he surpassed Seigen in just two years. Seigens right arm explodes. Rokuro also wishes to fight since this is what they been training for.

But Yuto gets a little surprised finding out Seigen lived. Seigen puts a barrier up to protect his daughter and Twin Stars. He says that it is the Heavenly Commanders job to watch over and protect the Twin Stars. It is an honor to die. He charges up an attack and charges in.

He does not die, so, there is that. Yuto tells Rokuro that he will let everyone he knows live if he joins him. Yuto gives him one day to decide.

So after bringing Mayura and Seigen to the hospital. Flashback time as Rokuro goes over what Jisama gave him, which is an exorcists black robes.

Rokuro then knocks on Beino’s door saying he is an exorcist. He does not care how the odds are against him but he will stop Yuto.

twin star 17 13

Overall Thoughts:

The series is finally worth it. I am just going to say it.

twin star 4 18

I am serious though. The series it is really clear when the show was canon verses not in the first cour. As someone who read the manga. Now it is starting to blend and even for me I know it is not canon, but it feels like it is. This episode might have been. But with the last few episodes, the buildup was just done right.

Anyway it really shows how strong the main villains are and how much Rokuro and Beino have to do. Their child is meant to bring the end to the 1000-year war. But the Kagare side is seemingly stronger by the second. Even with a power up Seigen lost. Rokuro was even told 4 members of the 12 Heavenly Commanders would be coming to stop Yuto. The commanders are the strongest Exorcists, and they need 4 just to maybe beat one powerful foe. It really puts into perspective how far they need to go and really the weight that they themselves have not fully accepted.

Even with Seigen willingly saying he would give up his life to protect them it was only then where there was a small sign on how important they are. This was the moment that made me really enjoy the manga. This is also a moment that is making me really like the anime. Some of the things I just said I am only now realizing.

But this episode really served as a reminder on the weight that is now on Rokuro and Beino’s shoulders. Their past may be their pushing force, but they are only now reminded how important their future is.


Overall Enjoyment: 100/100

Overall Score: B+

Anyway, I only say the time jump may come sooner since after their fight with Yuto in the manga their is a time jump of two years. Personally since it was just their training time, I really hope they will do a few episodes during that time period. Since not only do Beino and Rokuro get stronger but Mayura too. It could be interesting. But the time skip I will assume happen no later than episode 21 or 22. Either way I just wanted to say that, since now it seems more likely that their will be the 50 episodes since they would have nowhere to end unless they were to rush.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe