So, I will admit, I did not finish this show, mostly due to a slight personal issue with Netflix and being unable to binge watch anime. But, I am working through it. Anyway, the show in question is Violet Evergarden.

The series aired in the winter season and did not come out on Netflix until I want to say the Spring season. Anyway, KyoAni is just absurd with how amazing and over the top this show is, and that is just on animation alone.


violet evergarden pic 2

And this wasn’t even the best example of the level of detail.

Anyway, besides the animation. The story is well crafted and just, honestly there is so much amazing things to talk about this show and it honestly is hard to put it into words. The animation, soundtrack, character designs, characters in general, story, and more. The characters do not come off as two-dimensional, but all have issues, problems, and personalities. Sure, Violet lacks those qualities, but it is the fact she is trying to discover what those are that make the show that more enjoyable because it is her journey from someone who was a trained soldier and knows nothing but fighting to someone who wants to know the simple phrase “I love you”.

violet evergarden pic 3

Honestly, I am at a loss for words, and it stills annoys me that I put this off for so long, and how I still haven’t finished it, mostly due to my own laziness of signing into Netflix. Just go watch it.

What was your favorite anime you saw this year?

With that these posts are now over for this year. No matter what you celebrate I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

– Joe