Day 3: Your favorite mangaka

My favorite mangaka, despite none of his series being in my top 5 favorite, is Ken Akamatsu, with Hiro Mashima being a close second. Ken Akamatsu has created Love Hina (which is still on my to read list), Negima, and UQ UQ hOLDERHolder. AI Love You was his first. I did read some, and rather enjoyed it. I like UQ Holder, and it is really interesting to see how much has changed. Negima started as a harem, but went into an action series, which I am still reading. UQ Holder is mostly action, but it hints a tad bit at his roots of doing harem series in all honesty. Both series I really enjoy reading in my spare time. 

I have seen, and have started to notice that UQ Holder makes a lot of references to Negima, it makes sense with it being a sequel. This does not change the fact I really like both series. To me how I label in this case who is my favorite mangaka, is simply by how many series I have read and have enjoyed by that particular person. There are other factors but this seems to be the more prevalent one in this case. The art style is enjoyable as well as the stories themselves. They can provide a good enjoyable laugh on that weekly basis when either I read a chapter or a new chapter is out.

Then, although this is brief,  Hiro Mashima created Fairy Tail. I have read some of his one-shots which were enjoyable as well. I would love to read Rave Master. The man in general is a beast when it comes to manga. There is rarely ever a break for Fairy Tail and when there is it was due to a double chapter or something like that appearing for the previous few weeks. The art and story are also amazing and he really knows how to not drag something on. Fairy Tail is seemingly heading towards that final arc, which might be the next one with how this arc is. Still I look forward to what ever his next series might be.

Who is your favorite mangaka and why?

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