Day 9: A manga you’d like to see adapted

This one I am sort of cheating in a sense on. I would say UQ Holder, but to me I do not think it would be adapted very well. I like the series. It is good in terms of action. But at times it relates to much to Negima, which did not get a good adaptation, to really have a good adaptation on its own.

voice           Now the reason why I am saying I am sort of cheating on this one is because it is getting an anime film adaptation, which in all honesty I have no idea how they are going to pull off. Koe no Katachi, aka The Silent Voice. Due to this, I have not a single clue on what could be in store on what they would cover in a film. The manga is over, at 64 chapters. A full anime adaptation could make sense and could be done.  

This is a series that I would easily recommend and I am kicking myself for not remembering to use this one for day 6. The series deals with the main protagonist who bullied a deaf girl in elementary school. Years later they meet again and he wants to be by her side to make his life worth living again, he was on the verge of suicide. It takes a few chapters to kick off but this series teaches a lot in second chances, death, pain, and a lot. It is very interesting and if you are looking for something new, I would recommend this series.

An anime full adapting this would just be amazing in general. It would need to be two cour, minimum. But it really comes down to the studio, and who is animating it. Also what I am curious is how they will handle all the sign language that is present when it comes to the anime film. It would be interesting to see regardless on whatever is to come. But I would not mind an anime for this.

This series is being released in English by Kodansha Comics USA, up to volume 3 is out. It also can be seen in its entirety on Cruchyroll.

Day 8: Most Annoying Character

Day 10: A manga you would like to see more anime of 

What is a manga you would like to see adapted or even adapted better (Rosario Vampire cough) than the anime it already had?

As always I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts.

– Joe