Index was one of the first series I watched. I think I know it was in the first ten, if not just shortly after. It was one series I got quickly hooked on. It is also one of the few series I own, granted it is just the first season, but still. Anyway, besides visiting another series of nostalgia that I put in my second spot for favorite series, time to get started.

The Plot:

Toma Kamijo has terrible luck. He lives in Academy City, where science booms and people train to become Espers. Kamijo has no powers. However, one day a nun lands on his balcony, she talks about magic and the concepts. Soon he finds himself dealing with a word of magicians. “When Magic and Science come together a story is formed.” (really could not help using that line)

index yeah


Genre- Comedy, Drama, Science fiction, Fantasy

Air Date- Season 1 October 4, 2008-March 19,2009

 Season 2 October 8, 2010-April 1, 2011

Series Length- 48 Episodes, 1 Films (spin off has 48 episodes as well)

Studio- JC Staff

Licensor- Funimation

Source- Light Novel Series

Spin-off- A Certain Scientific Railgun

Last Viewing:

This is difficult. I watched the show twice in a few months. The dub was released shortly after finishing season 1.  I have yet to see more than just season 1 more than once. I haven’t seen the second season in so long. I did start rewatching season one a while ago, because I did buy it, but getting busy with school and what not got in the way from actually watching it. I still plan to continue, since I own it.


Why a Fav?

I just really loved it from the start. I still do enjoy it. The anime might not be as much as a favorite as it used to be. But watching the series and now reading the light novels, I gained more of an appreciation for the anime. Orginally it was due to really liking it. Soon that turned into more of a nostalgia reason. But now it has to be a mixture of both. I may be a slow reader. It took me almost a year to finish the first volume. But either way I like it. I am glad I can say that I enjoy the anime more, now that I started reading the source.

smug index

Method: Sub or Dub

I like both. Personally I do not know what I would pick. I started watching it sub. In my last attempt to rewatch it I was switching between the two. This was mostly because I wanted to read while watching the series. Next time I think I will watch it sub, just to focus on the series more and actually view it now with my more critical mind. Either one is fine for me, and both are still enjoyable.

What I don’t like?

No Third Season.


That in all honesty comes to mind for what I don’t like this series. So yeah.

Little Tid Bits

Best Girl: I have no idea

Arc: Accelerator/ Sisters Arc in S1

Opening Theme: All because they are Great

Coolest Mage: Stiyl and Kanzaki

collection of index
Yeah for poorly taken pic.

What are your thoughts on this series? Also what are some of your favorite series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe