What happened? Seriously, I dropped a lot. I mean let me see what I completed, when I started to write about this. Erased, KonoSuba, umm, what else? That is it. So, what happened?

Alright so after a week since writing that opening time to talk about what happened exactly, since I did finish other shows.

So, school work is the main cause, I have class 5 days a week and 4 of those days are dedicated to homework. Plus not a lot was airing that I enjoyed. There are still some that I am about 3 episodes away from finishing and would still like to finish, but time to continue with my thoughts.

Reviewed Series:


Probably obvious, but I really enjoyed it. It was one, if not, my favorite show this season. That might be due to the lack of completed shows compared to dropped ones or continuing. But it is true, this one was very enjoyable and I am glad it is getting a second season. Deen was amazing animating this series.

The final ep review, does have a spoiler free section where I think about the series as a whole. It can be found here.

konosuba ep 8 11

Luck & Logic:

As much as I would have liked to continue just to do one more review of it to say how bad the series is only to then question why is it getting another season. Well, I dropped it after I dropped the reviews over at Anime Corps. But yeah, I dropped it at episode 9. There were a lot of problems between character inconsistencies, lack of plot focus or knowing what that was, and a lot more.

i am so disgusted I can't find words

Other Stuff that I somehow Finished


This show had way too much hype for it. I mean, I can see why there was hype for it. At the same time, well, I just think there is too much hype for it. The story was good, the pacing, and a lot of other things. Even the mystery aspect to, which I hardly watch mystery series, I enjoyed. I do not have any complaints. I just think there is too much hype for it. Which hype to me can always leave me feeling a bit down if after watching it if my level of hype does not reach the level of everyone else level of hype.

Dagashi Kashi

It is like Non Non Byoiri’s candy obsessed child. I enjoyed it. There was no major rush to watching it. I mean I did watch it weekly till there was that week skips. After that it was mostly once every few weeks I would watch an episode or two. Either way I found it rather enjoyable.

seriously I can explain


Mahoutsukai PreCure

Yeah, I feel like I do not need to explain much on why I will be continuing since it will be running year round. But I like these series. Nice way to relax after a long school day. That is why I am also watching Suite PreCure.

precure stuff

What I want to Finish

Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

I still have a few more episodes to go but I would like to finish it. I mean, cute robot yuri and a cat girl maid yuri robot. I do not know what that adds up to, but there are only two things that could top that and is it was either a harem or a magical girl series. I enjoyed it all the way through, so I do not see why I would not want to finish it. School made me busy at some points. That and Fire Emblem Fates made me busy too.

cuteness kitty

Dimension W

Sundays are the weird day was I got school work and I am more than likely to do something around the time where I could watch it. So another show, despite probably the best girl this season Mira being it, that falls into this problem. I am around the same amount of episodes left to go as with all the other shows on this list, either 3 or 4.

cute gif mira

Snow White with the Red Hair

I love this series. This was more for being bored and forgetting to watch. Despite getting bored at times I still like it. It is just a little too slow-paced for me. I would like to finish it. I am very close, just like the others 3 or four. Since it is still very early in the season one or two episodes a day should finish them by the next week. Providing I can get time.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans

This one I had trouble. I stopped around episode 10, but started up again marathon like crazy till around episode 19. Now I just have a few more episodes. I can easily do it in one sitting. I just need to find the time. I am rather glad that they first Gundam series I decided to check out I really enjoy.  I am not just looking forward to the second season but also the other Gundam series that is about to air this Spring Season. It will be nice to see the differences.

gundam stuff


Too much to count or even remember. I would rather not try to figure out what I dropped. Since I cannot remember them I assume it was in the first 4 episodes and I did not bother trying to watch it again. If it was later, I was probably too busy with school to be bothered remembering.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe