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Throughout the year there has been dozen upon dozen of new and old characters. Some have returned after a long absence, while others are fresh faces. So, like all of my Top Fives these are based off series that I have seen, at least in most cases, and are obviously bias. These are all characters that have made an appearance throughout 2014. Much like last week’s Top Five, this week will display two different characters simultaneously.


Number 5: Son Hak (Yona of the Dawn) and Iona Hikawa (Happiness Charge Precure)


Let me just shake my head in embarrassment for starters admitting that I like Happiness Charge Precure. As I stated in the last Top Five I got into the Magical Girl genre last year. It is thanks to this series. So, let me avoid that discussion for some other day and go back to this actual discussion.

I began to watch Yona of the Dawn very late into the season, episode twelve had yet to air and binge watchinghak began. Of the male characters that have appeared so far I like Hak. As you will soon find out there will be a trend for what I like in my male and female characters and Hak fits into that category. Funny and strong, and he will just do about anything for the people he cares for.  Sure at times he picks on Yona, but I think that is really where both characters can shine the most and what makes both stand out. However he can stand out more on his own at times. I know the scene that made me like his character, in episode five or six, when the realization that the poison has little to no effect on him while it would have token down several people at that point and he continued to take down several people. It is more of admiration that makes me enjoy this character which is why he is at number five despite the show not ending.

Now back to the harder to describe part since I brought up the fact that I like Happiness Charge Precure with Cure_FortuneIona aka Cure Fortune is my favorite of the bunch. I knew when doing the top five this is one of the characters that automatically pops into my head, as well as a few others, which did not make the list. Could I have used those characters, yes I could have, but Cure Fortune is better than the ones that did not make it. She is a bit of a Tsundere, at least at first. She is cold and refuses to join them, which are up until about episode twenty when Phantom strikes, anyway enough about the plot. After she joins the group her true self starts to get shown. Besides being a powerhouse and adorable, her story development is good, and I like the stories that revolve around her. Although normally for characters I also look for comedy, at times when it comes to the female character it is more of their attitude in certain situations, and she fits it better than most do. Okay, so avoiding more embarrassment I am done now with this talk.


Number 4: Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon Crystal) and Akatsuki (Log Horizon)


Seriously, what is it with magical girl series characters making it into this week? Anyway although no other Tuxedo_Maskmagical girl character will be in it after this one, for the male characters Tuxedo Mask fits perfectly. Again much like Hak this goes with how he interacts with the female protagonist. Although he does not always have a lot of screen time, when he does sometimes he can be a main focus, be his rude behavior or his gentlemen like behavior in scenes is where I enjoy his character the most. I like how even though he is a male character his is not the strongest, but he still wants to be stronger to protect Usagi. That and despite the fact compared to all the other characters who have some sort of magical power he can still hold his ground with no abilities other than the fact like all anime characters he can jump really high. I also forgot about his ability to throw roses, which is something you do not see every day, except in Gintama and Pokemon. Jokes aside, it is more of the fact he has no abilities compared to everyone else and can still hold his ground somewhat that makes him at number four.Akatsuki

Akatsuki, again, I really find it hard to talk about the female characters, but yes again she is adorable and super bad-ass. So, getting that part out of the way, like how it is going to be for most female characters, let me discus what they are like. A part of me was really debating whether or not to put her on the list. One of the biggest downsides to her character, at least how I see it is that she really cannot get over how Shiro left for that short time in season two. However, I also have to say I liked that arc because it really allowed a lot of development for her character and how she realized that she is in fact strong. Plus like the next ninja, she can be a little funny at times. Compared to the other characters on this list she gets shy, which is something I do not see often that gets pulled off well with female characters. Most are just shy in first encounter, but she always seems to be shy. I really like that about her character since there is still plenty room for her character to grow in a different way. There are other reasons why she is here at number four I am sure, but she deserves this spot.


Number 3: Sora (No Game No Life) and Levi Kazama (Trinity Seven)


No Game No Life was one of the series that surprised me on how good it was. Sora, well to put it simply fifty percent of the time he can just be a lecherous person, while the other fifty percent of the time a super genius planning about fifty steps ahead before the first move was even made. He can be funny with his NEET behaviors and really the balance of it all makes him a character on this list. It is just a weird combination of everything that makes it all work out, which is why I like his character.Levi

Levi aka Ninja from Trinity Seven. Levi is my favorite character in the manga, and that held up clearly in the show as well too. She was not like most characters and can easily just be as inappropriate as the guys and takes no offence to it in anyway. To top it off she is overall balanced in everything from being a good fighter and being one of the funniest characters. In the more recent chapter her magus outfit was finally revealed, and that too was amazing. Although I do not have much to say for both the characters in this one, their actions and what they do with those actions really make up for why they are on the list at number three.


Number 2: Akame and Tatsumu (Akame ga Kill)


So, unintentionally the next two are from the same series, much like the one Tatsumi_Smilethat will be at number one, but OH well, they are both amazing anyways.

Anyway, I think I have not driving into the ground hard enough that I enjoyed Akame ga Kill, so it would make sense that I like the title character and the main character. Personally when it came to this series Akame and Esdeath are two of my favorite Akame_smilingfemale characters. I prefer Esdeath, but since all the characters on this list have been heroes, I decided to keep the list as heroes.  Anyway, for both characters they fit what I like to see in characters. I think I can just stop it there without saying more since I am starting to get a little tired about talking Akame ga Kill so much nearly four weeks in a row.


Number 1: Shiro Emiya and Saber (Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

Yes, the only two that can be at the top of this list are two of my favorite shirotcharacters of all time. Saber probably being at number one for favorite female characters, with Shiro in the top five at least, especially with this installment. Shiro is probably one of the most heroic characters out there, which is why he is so admirable to me. Sure he might not be one of the funniest characters, but everything else he does make up for it.

Saber, spoilers aka King Arthur, I think that spoiler is justified with her real name being mentions in saberFate Stay Night (2006), Fate Zero, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works film. So you get the point. I had to say that information to get down one of my reasons of liking her. I like Arthurian Legends, one of my books I want to publish takes ideas from that. So seeing another work twist it in some way is enjoyable. Okay, now to get to other reasons besides her real identity. She is an insanely awesome fighter compared to most characters I have seen. She is very thoughtful and is constantly thinking. Besides that at times she is funny, and let’s face it she is super adorable when you least suspect it as well. Now to avoid further humiliations I am done talking now until next year’s Top Five Male and Female Characters of 2015 with Saber still being at number one.


Other characters that did not make the list are, the entire female cast of Sailor Moon, Seitokai Yakuindomo, D-frag, Witchcraft Works, Date A Live II, and the rest of the Trinity Seven members. For male characters, D-Frag, Date A Live, and a lot of others.

So, what are your top five characters of 2015?

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