Day 12: Your manga crush

This one is tricky since the whole best girl thing comes into play, even more so for the “waifu” category. That is how I view this type of question. Who fits into that “waifu” category. The answer is, right now no one. Only three are deemed at that tier for me. Saber, being the obvious one, to the point where it even says it on my twitter profile. She is strong, intelligent level-headed, and quiet goofy at times. Then there is Sonoda Umi from Love Live, one of the more level-headed members of Muse, she too is intelligent and has a goofy side to her from time to time. Then there is Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, who also falls into this category for the reasons I have given before for the two others. Anyway, they first get deemed best girl, then something is done, and boom, “waifu” tier. This is weird explaining it, but that Top 5 Best Girls, that took a much longer explanation on how Best Girl category works.

So, for the sake of all this before it. I am just going to go for someone who fits in that Best Girl category that is very enjoyable, and could, depending on the circumstances go into that next tier at some point in the future.

Yuki himi
I had this saved for some time. I know it is in the 40s for chapters for UQ Holder.

I am such a geek for needing to explain this and actually explaining this, and I am surprisingly okay with that.

There are two, well technically three. The first being Raphtalia, from Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, aka The Rising of a Shield Hero. This to me feels like I am bending the rules. Although I read the manga, the source is of that of a light novel. So, that is why, since that is the main source. If, although I highly doubt I would, I were to do a 30 Day Light Novel Challenge, she would fit for that day.
So, besides her, depending on the series if it is Negima, then Setsuna definitely. If it is UQ Holder, Yukihime aka Evangeline McDowell, because her older body is amazing, and I do not bring that type of stuff up often. But both have the main qualities, Yukihime has it more so in UQ Holder than in Negima. Personally Setsuna is my favorite in that series. Plus it keeps up with my troop that best girls have a tendency to wield swords. So, those are three characters to think about for today.

So, all series mentioned have a release in North America. The Rising Shield Hero, both the manga and light novels are licensed by One Peace Books, Negima and UQ Holder, (UQ Holder is simulpub by Cruchyroll), both are licensed by Kodansha Comics USA.

So, who is your manga crush? (Doesn’t have to be viewed like how I did)

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As always I would love to hear your thoughts, be it here or on twitter. I really hope these posts start conversations.

– Joe