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Well, I decided to count down both the best girls and best dudes of this season, only as a separate post unlike the first one I did back when I first started to do these posts. Now, because it is me and it is apparent that I am Saber obsessed, and I cannot believe the words that are coming out of my mind typing this but, she did not make it on this list. The first reason being how she did not really have a role in this half of Unlimited Blade Works which is disappointing. Now with that said I have no idea who will be at the number 1 spot when it comes to this one being done.

I would like to begin by explaining the process on how a best girl is determined for me. Even if a character does fit all or one of these categories does not necessarily make them the best girl. They also do not necessarily need to be in the show since the beginning or even be a main character, for instance Mavis from Fairy Tail, did not show up till around episode 100, although I did not really like her as best girl until Grand Magic Games arc. Not all series have a best girl as well, despite being full of girls, Date A Live.

So, the things that instantly click when one or all of the following is met and something just makes me drawn to them, something unexpected happens and they show a different side to them, Saber’s cuteness after she being the battle goddess that she is, although this was not noticed till seeing Carnival Phantasm where the awakening of my love for her began. Random faces that they make, (trying to think of a character not on this list that has this), Umi from Love Live, there is also her intelligence and supporting factor that makes her best girl. Or something that they say, any moment given by Ninja from Trinity Seven or Togo from Yuukii Yunna is a Hero with the slumber party and her suggestion for a government debate as a game. So, when something naturally clicks when one of or all of the events previously described are met then they are deemed best girl in my eyes.

So, with that huge explanation of how it is chosen began, let’s get started. There is also the thing I am laughing at now how I am probably going to go into a two second explanation when it comes to the male characters for the next one.


Number 5: Megumi Kato (Saekano)

The main heroine of this series, although I would have to put Utaha but even then Megumi has her beat. The reason for this and in all honesty I sort of want to put her higher on this list is because unlike other main heroines especially in a harem genre show she is unlike any I have seen. She is often in the background even to the main character she was basically invisible for a majority of the first episode in their second encounter. She is very unique in that sense which is why I liked her so much in this series. She really changes throughout the course of the series into someone that isn’t stuck in the background as much which was just done slowly over time and pulled off well. Megumi falls under doing something different category by the way.


Number 4: Kumiko Oumae and Reina Kousaka (Sound! Euphonium)

For starters it is a deal package since the two go together with how the internet exploded when episode 8 aired and then again with episode 11 with these two. Although of the two together they are wonderful Kumiko has been my favorite from the start.

Kumiko falls under the making a random face category. At first with this series I see everyone picking either Reina, the vice president, or someone else. Even then it took a few episodes till I started to like Kumiko and deemed her as best girl, she is even more of best girl with Reina involved. There are countless number of times when it comes to her reactions, not necessarily even the reaction faces with what she responds with. I think the best had to be with the Tuba-kun costume, where after all of that she simply responds by realizing she was tricked. There is a lot more about her that deems her as best girl.


Number 3: Ranko Kanzaki (Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)

Well, besides being voiced by apparently on of my favorite seiyu, that has voiced several characters that are up there for my favorites in series, Ranko in general is one of my favorites. She falls into the do something different category. At first she looks like a chunibyo goth. Then it is just chunibyo. Then it turns into something different. It goes on from there. Anyway it was before her episode that I liked her mostly for what she said that made her stand out in a non-annoying way or trying too hard. For a time I did like Rin, and still do. But Ranko really took the lead once her episode occurred and you could see a different side, the nervous the cute, and the fearful side of her. She really showed how different she really is compared to how she acts which is why she is one of my favorite for this series.


Number 2: Eruna Ichinomiya (Mikagura School Suite)

I talked about her when it came to my Top Five Spring season shows. Well, it is true for this. Although I am not obsessive as much with her compared to the other characters, she is one of the few that instantly got Best girl status after just her first scene.  She falls under the does something different category. Sure at first I thought that maybe she was just acting, well eleven episodes later clearly it is not an act. Another thing that made her wonderful is her energetic behavior that goes on with her yuri filled desires.  The weird yet comedic combination is just wonderfully done with her that makes her best girl. Also I might as well say it but she really wants senpai to notice her.


Number 1: Megumi Tadokoro (Shokugeki no Soma)

In all honesty the second most pic that I tweet out are Megumi reaction pics whenever a new episode airs. Anyway, with the end of the first episode I really thought it would be Erina for the best girl, I even said possible best girl. People said Megumi is cute, but I naturally did not pay them any attention until her first appearance and the countless number of reaction gifs and pics that I collected.

Anyway besides the faces, Megumi also has all three categories filled for best girl qualities that I look for. Saber does too, but this is not about her. Although she can be nervous and shy, she can also play a lot more. The recent few episodes with her as the main focus really showed that when it came to her cooking and what she goes about with it.


So, before I wrap things up here is the obligatory Saber pics.


Alright so some honorable mentions, Kirino Mosaic Karin and Aya, did not see season 2, but they look just as wonderful from season one for some of the things I heard. Yudachi aka poi and because of poi as well as Kongo from Kacolle. Obviously Saber. Piyo tan from Etotama. Ito and Noa from Yamada and the Seven Witches. Lastly Shinoa and the loli vampire queen Krui from Seraph of the End. Also “Sexy Demoness” Sayla from Fairy Tail. I think I covered just about all of them. Not as long as a list as the best male characters, but well, yeah I am going to stop myself now.


So, as what I have been doing as of late, if you have any idea for future top fives please comment. Also who are your favorite top girls of the last two seasons?

– Joe