Day 29: A manga you read that was just plain weird

musume 8 2            Next to last day and in all honesty I am a little disappointed when looking at this day. I mean a lot of them are weird and it really depends what you are looking for exactly. So, yeah, this one is a “I am going to change since it is pointless” day. The answer would be Monster Musume by the way if I decided to go with this theme.


Day 29: A Manga You Would Like People to Recommend to You

There was that day where I recommended manga to people. I read a lot when I am motivated. I can read a lot when I get into a manga,  I read over 70 chapters of Magi in a sitting. So, there is that.

I will give a small list of what I would like to see in a manga, and if you have any idea please comment. I will do the same if you have a genre in mind you would like to read.

  • – I like art that is clear, I don’t like what most Shojo manga have for art style, but I do not mind shojo, so if it is a shojo series that is fine.
  • – Humor or action, either is fine, I am open to both. They are the main series I read, although there are romance ones that have no action that I will read or for example The Silent Voice is neither of those but I love it.
  • – Something that is not boring at the start and takes a while to pick up and I mean like 50 chapters to pick up, if it is 10 or 20 and it is well written with enjoyable characters I could probably endure.
  • – Not an ongoing weekly series, like One Piece for example, something with even over 100 chapters will be difficult unless I can get really into it. But if it is over at 100 then it should be fine.
  • – If it is an old series and completed, please let it be fan translated, I don’t want to get into something that someone stopped translating halfway through or is near impossible to find a licensed copy. I also would love to have it licensed since I love being able to reread a copy I own. That is always better too.


Not really sure what else. I do have a few on my to-read list, you can recommend any of those if you read them, which can be found here on MAL:


So, like I said, if you are looking for a certain type of series feel free to comment what you are looking for, if I read any I will be sure to give at least a few recommendations. If you are uncertain maybe list a few series you like and I might be able to think of some.

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As always I hope you enjoyed. Any comments, suggestions, or just about anything you would like to see can be made here or on the official twitter.  Even my personal twitter if you feel so inclined, mostly since I am always on that one.

– Joe