I honestly do not have much to say about this series, well before talking about the episode as a whole. In six episodes they covered the first volume, so they are either going to do Volume 2 in either 5 or worst case 4 episodes. Personally I hope for 5 episodes. I only know of very few things to come, either way let’s get started.

The Plot

So, quick thing about last time:

That tsundere Dullahan showed up again annoyed that no one came to his castle.

konosuba ep 6 1

Alright, so this time:

Dullahan introduces himself as Verdia. He is very annoyed by two things, and both of those things were not anyone showing up to his place. The first one being the fact that the explosions on his castle did not stop, which Megumin admitted she did continue. It makes her excited, thus getting that suggestive feature image (or at least it would have if not for the wording being cut off). The other being annoyed by the fact they let a model knight die. He was talking about Darkness when he said model knight by the way. Darkness steps forward to reveal she is alive and Aqua does a taunt that she dispelled it after he left.

konosuba ep 6 2

Anyway Aqua used her attack “Turn Undead.”

It was super effective on Verdia.

Aqua became confused. She thought it did not work.

konosuba ep 6 3

Anyway I am pretty sure that Pokemon like joke I was going for failed, so let’s just go back to the review of plot.

Aqua tries “Sacred Turn Undead,” again it works. Verdia even goes “Gah my eyes.” Kazuma even responds saying that Verdia said “Gah it hurts.” Yet Aqua was still confused.

konosuba ep 6 4

Verdia summons a bunch of undead which is attracted to Aqua like bees to honey or however that phrase goes. It is believed because she is a goddess and could give the undead salvation.konosuba ep 6 5

So, while they are running around Kazuma tells Megumin to prep a spell, which she does the moment they are near Verdia. The spell obviously leaves her down for the count.

Before you even ask this is not even the quarter mark of the episode.

Verdia is fine, laughs it off. Everyone decides to charge in. Before they can land an attack, Verdia tosses his head up in the air, making an Eye of Sauron sort of thing, and defeats all that go near him.

konosuba ep 6 7
Please explain how this does not remind you of Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings?

Darkness steps up to take revenge for the fallen comrades. Of course even with her defense, and blocking all the attacks, she even said it in her introduction episode, that she cannot land a hit. She does destroy two boulders. Then the obvious twisted masochistic fantasies of hers kick in.


Kazuma tries his thing while Verdia is distracted and denying these allegations. Kazuma uses “Create Water,” which Verdia dodged. Kazuma uses a freeze spell, and Verdia breaks free. Kazuma uses “Create Water,” which each time Verdia dodges, revealing his weakness is water.

All the mages in the area use “Create Water” which Verdia continues to dodge. Aqua then shows up to comment that they look like they are playing a game and look stupid. Kazuma explains and wants her to use a water spell. Her one condition is taking back her being a “Useless Goddess.” Kazuma still calls her that, and to prove him wrong Aqua uses “Sacred Create Water.”konosuba ep 6 10

The water flooded the area, destroying the surrounding parts, which include the town wall. I did forget to mention that Kazuma at one point tried to steal Verdia’s weapon. He tries again as Verdia is annoyed and decides to finish this in one more attack. Kazuma ends up stealing Verdia’s head.

konosuba ep 6 11

Well after that Aqua uses her godly magic to purify him one more time to succeed.

konosuba ep 6 13With the quest over, and Darkness not getting the shameful experience she wants, the next day everyone is partying. Kazuma is told they will get a reward of 300 Million. Which he decides to retire and not go after the Demon Lord. However this idea is cut short since the repair cost is 340 million, putting him into debt. Kazuma accepts it and wishes to defeat the Demon Lord and get out of this twisted world.

Overall Thoughts

For a series that the first five episodes really did not have much fighting and even the fights all revolved around humor it did a decent job this episode. I think the thing that was holding it back was the lack of humor. It did not feel fully like KonoSuba without that full humor.

konosuba ep 6 6Regardless of the lack of humor this episode it was still enjoyable. The fight surprisingly did not feel too slow or too rushed, despite being 90 percent of the episode. The pacing was done well, the humor was well placed since it was more focused on the fighting this episode.

Each character though did not get the same amount of time I guess, it sort of held it back. Megumin had time, then Darkness had time, and then Aqua, not all of them were in a single scene fighting together. To me that felt a little odd, but it sort of worked as well. It even felt like Aqua decided to leave only to come back later on.

This episode as a whole was alright, in terms of the comedy, a vital part of this series. There have been funnier episodes. But in terms of action it hit all the right places, not straying completely off of what makes KonoSuba so fun.

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

So what did you think of the episode?

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